Have a new version of my cloud home, who knows?

Have a new version of my cloud home, who knows?

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Posted a picture, so that everyone is spoiled.


The <a href="http://www.examandinterviewtips.com/search?q=feeling">feeling</a> is to bring raid version of mycould!

It feels like the previous one is that the upgraded version of WD's mobile app is really rotten.

I retired the mc I had just bought. I watched and looked at the new one.

Home version has pc end app

Has always been ah, is the file upload and download management.

It seems that there is no web management page, complete mobile device operation


Store and organize all content centrally in one location — My CloudTM Home storage device, your home of content storage.

Mass storage stores all your photos, videos, and files in one place at home, you can press yourself

Like the way to organize and access these content from anywhere connected to the Internet.

Setup is quick and easy — Quickly set up your My CloudTM Home device. Just plug in your Wi-Fi router. then,

Use your mobile device to access MyCloud.com/hello to set up your account, then you can start backing up, accessing

And sharing. No computer needed, no monthly fees!

With Mirror mode, everything is saved twice - My CloudTM Home Duo device comes with two hard drives and

Mirrored mode (RAID 1), so all your photos, videos, and files are stored on a hard drive and are automatically restored

Made into another hard drive, providing additional protection from your worries. * This feature is only available for My Cloud

Home Duo device does not apply to My Cloud Home single hard drive device.

Access via mobile device, go on the go, use the My CloudTM Home mobile app, desktop apps

Order or visit MyCloud.com to upload, access and share your precious memories and stream your My CloudTM

Home The video saved on the device.

Automatically back up your phone’s photos and videos — <a href="http://Mommysavers.com/?s=Automatically">Automatically</a> back up your phone’s photos and videos to My CloudTM Home Settings

Prepared to make room for more content.

Import photos and videos from all devices using the USB port — use the USB port on the back of My Cloud HomeTM to get from

Quickly import photos and videos from devices scattered throughout your home, such as USB flash drives and external hard drives. Will your all

Precious moments, action films, and adventures are stored in a centralized, well-organized location.

Easily Find Content with File Search — Through My CloudTM HomeTM Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps

Or visit MyCloud.com to find photos, videos, movies, and documents quickly with simple and convenient search capabilities.

Each user's exclusive personal private space - invite friends and family to create personal accounts. Every invited person can set up

Prepare to set up their own private space, only they have the right to visit. They can manage and access as needed

And share your own content.

Customize your own storage with third-party applications—using PlexTM Media Server, DropboxTM,

Google Drive and more downloadable services tailored to meet your personal needs and preferences

Home Equipment. Cloud services may change and vary by country.

Download from a cloud account and store all your content centrally in one place — store everything in one place, even your favorite

Content in the cloud account. Your cloud account (including DropboxTM, Box, Google Drive, Facebook, etc.

Photos, videos and files in more) will automatically be downloaded to your My CloudTM Home device.

Automatically back up content on all PCs and Macs in your home — The My CloudTM Home device has tremendous capacity

Connecting to the network wirelessly backs up the contents of each computer in the home to a centralized location. But also with

Seamless use of Windows® Backup and Time Machine software

There is web, pc, mc only web

If you have any concerns with regards to exactly where and how to use <a href="http://www.globalscrap.com/ActivityFeed/MyProfile/tabid/62/UserId/257702... backup stick</a>, you can contact us at our web-site.