Senior Director Human Resource Management And Administration (Gmg/Seg 5)

Senior Director Human Resource Management And Administration (Gmg/Seg 5)

Expiry Date: 
Friday, 26 October 2018 - 11:45pm
Job Purpose: 

The Senior Director Human Resource Management & Administration works in partnership with the Chief Executive Officer in providing leadership across the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) (’the Authority’) and ensuring that internal governance, change/transformation initiatives, planning, policies, supporting strategies, procedures and systems enhance Authority capability and capacity to deliver client focused, efficient, effective and value for money services. The Senior Director Human Resource Management & Administration plays a critical role in overseeing the development of the strategic plan, corporate plan, operational plan as well as the budget for the organization. Also, the Senior Director Human Resource Management and Administration will play a pivotal role in helping to shape and guide the future growth and development of the Authority. 

Key Responsibilities:

•    Provides technical advice, guidance, direction and support to the CEO and the Board on all matters affecting corporate policy, governance, management operations, finance and other enabling services.

•    Develops, manages and sustains design, enhancement, implementation, reporting, and oversight of Authority enabling services and operations (such as IT, business services, communications, corporate planning, governance and compliance, human resources and finance).

•    Implements aligned and comprehensive corporate and operational plans linked to the Authority’s mandate, business objectives and approved budget.

•    Develops and implements policies and procedures for full compliance with statutory obligations and other related regulations.

•    Reviews appropriate policies, procedures, systems, processes and operating guidelines established in place for the Authority.

•    Identifies and adopts suitable organisational development and business process improvement mechanisms.

•    Produces and disseminates annual and periodic reports on the performance of the Authority and the cannabis and hemp industries.

•    Designs and implements communications strategies and information sharing processes across the Authority and with its publics. 

•    Retains competent, high performing and motivated staff.
•    Provides expert advice and recommendations to the CEO on strategic and day to day operational imperatives including the implications of major policy decisions, authority resourcing and performance, and strategies for managing critical incidents.

•    Provides secure and safe work environment, efficient support services and reliable transportation.

•    Establishes and maintains positive and learning organisational culture. 

•    Improves staff and organisational performance continuously.

•    Executives other duties that can reasonably be expected of the Senior Director Human Management & Administration required by the CEO from time to time.

Qualifications And Experience:
•    Post-graduate degree in Strategy Management, Governance, Business Administration, Human Resource Management or related fields

•    Ten (10) years’ work experience, with at least six (6) in a senior management position

•    Practical experience of leading successful change in government setting; delivering demonstrably high-quality services against challenging performance targets; managing and working through others to achieve outcomes; and, managing large budgets

•    Experience in government organisations, particularly in a regulatory or monitoring capacity, would be an asset

Salary range: (GMG/SEG 5) $3,263,736 to $3,879,557 per annum plus any allowances attached to this post

Applications should be submitted no later than Friday, October 26, 2018 to:

The Director Human Resource and Administration
Cannabis Licensing Authority
4th Floor, Pan Jam Building, 60 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5

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